Those Shoes Though!

Mars Blackmon AKA Spike Lee in that iconic Nike commercial for Nike Air Jordan’s opined: “It’s gotta be the shoes”. Michael sagely replies “No” to the idea that it is the shoes, shorts or anything else he is wearing that make him a great player. The 1985 Nikes retailed for $65 (a king’s ransom for a pair of sneakers in those days) 32 years later, a brand new pair of AJ’s still is not going to set you back more than 2 bills.So what do you think possessed LaVar Ball, creator of the Big Baller Brand, to come out with a pair of shoes to be repped by his, not yet drafted, son Lonzo that cost: wait for it: $495 dollars! Is this an ambitious idea? Yes. Is it a publicity play? Of course. Is it smart? No. And for one powerful reason. The retail trade is cut-throat and the one thing that you absolutely do not want to happen before your kid plays one day in the NBA, is to have his shoes at Burlington, Marshalls and TJ Maxx in the clearance section selling for $19.99. I rest my case.

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