They Breed Horses, Don’t They?

It will be the topic of debate for years to come: Was it right for Kevin Durant to add his talent to what is already arguably, the best team in order to assure the team victory and himself a ring? Let’s examine this. If you are, let’s say, a lawyer who has gone to the best law school and made a reputation for yourself in the DA’s office, is it a likely scenario that at a certain point you will seek a private firm to be rewarded for your hard work and preparation? Even if you prosecuted people and now will defend them? What if you are a professor and you leave to go to a more prestigious university for the increased visibility and salary? What If you are a sports announcer and you leave the network that gave you your start, training and exposure to go to a bigger job that will allow you to be the principal talent for the World Cup and the Olympics (sorry, Mike, I got too specific there for a moment). You get my drift, in each of the cases it is not only expected, but applauded. KD has every right to go wherever he will be the biggest success. Look at him, he is having the time of his life. Now make like at your high school sweetheart’s wedding and be happy for him!

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