The Debut of the Big3 League

When I’m on the golf course with my friends, the brand of golf we play is entertaining in a way that the PGA could never be. We have a trash-talking, risk-taking, street-gambling, profanity-laced good time. Our best shots are catalogued to be exaggerated and recounted, our clothes, hats and golf accoutrement are lovingly cared for and on display every chance we get. That difference between the regulated game and the “street game” is just as prevalent in basketball. And that is why, the idea of Ice Cube’s new League, the Big 3, so excites me. Allen Iverson, Charles Oakley, Jerome Williams and the Dogg Pound, A 4 point shot. I just get the sense that it is going to be a lot of fun. Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, June 25, you better believe I’ll be in the house. Stay Tuned.

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