Of Course Not!

Comedian/satirist Bill Mahar is in the news for using the “N” word. Those familiar with Bill, know he has no filter between his mind and his mouth and has a predilection for black girls, so not unlike massa in 1869. His belief that he has no malice in his heart covers the indiscretion. Harmless, right? Bot a big deal…what’s all the fuss? Well, let’s imagine for a moment that Steph Curry called President Trump, that “Cracker in the White House” while being interviewed on BET or LeBron referred to NBA Commissioner Silver as that “Peckerwood in the front office” while talking to Gayle King on CBS This Morning? What if he smiled when he said it, like it was actually just a term of endearment? Of course there would be outrage. We live in a country where racial hatred is still costing lives. Where the playing field is so uneven that he playing field analogy makes no sense. No way are we playing on the same field! What Bill Mahar, Jay Mohr and others need to recognize is that even if your black friends smile when you say hurtful things and tell you they understand. What they really understand is that you still don’t get it and that is precisely the issue.

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