What’s For Dinner? What’s next for Kobe Bryant?

Written By: Dee Christopher

Back in 1992, Leo Burnett, one of the country’s largest and most successful ad agency’s penned the slogan: Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner in a campaign for the National Livestock and Beef Board. 14 years earlier, enchanted by the word on a menu, Kobe Bryant’s parents named him after Kobe Beef, some of the most famous and expensive beef in the world. The rest is history as Kobe, became well, Kobe. The question is, after a stellar 20 year career and 5 NBA Championships, what is Kobe doing now?

Last August, the Black Mamba, teamed up with investor Jeff Stibel to launch Bryant| Stibel, a $100 million media, technology and data fund. The company has already made investments in more than a dozen companies including Derick Jeter’s Players Tribune, Legal Zoom and Alibaba. This fund does not include Kobe’s personal investments which he makes through Kobe, Inc. and include sports drink company BodyArmor. Additionally, Kobe has interests in media, advertising and apparel.

Those of us who remember images of a young Kobe, brand new to the league pushing up on Michael Jordan, eager to test himself against the best and willing to work tirelessly to try and steal the title are settling in to our courtside seats not willing to bet against Employee #8. Too much time left on the clock…

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