A, B or C, Or all of the Above!

By: Staff Writer

Here is where you can participate. Really, we’d like to know what you think. What NBA franchise is currently the most dysfunctional? No matter what you answer, those of us who live in New York surely have two out of three.

Is it the Knicks, who manage to fight everywhere but on the court? The Nets, who have the worst record in the NBA and have somehow managed to go from being the team most likely to be the most revered by their fans to the place where most season tickets can’t name the starting five? Or is it the Kings, whose superstar throws nightly tantrums, where it is debatable if the owner knows anything about basketball and the team invents new ways to lose basketball games nightly. It’s your turn, tell us who the worst NBA franchise is and why. Your opinion, there are no wrong answers.

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