Does The NBA Need A Villain?

In the WWE, villains are manufactured for ratings. After all, how can there be a hero if there isn’t a villain. In the construct of the WWE and many other great works of fiction, the powerful villain sets the stage for the heroics we demand from our entertainment. So it can’t come as a surprise that even in our legitimate sports, just as we love the hero, we love to love the villain.

Okay, let’s call central casting. We need a young, disrespectful, energetic and eager athlete. In addition to a Boy Scout smile, he has to also have mastered the sneer and the leer. He must be untamable, irreverent and sneaky. He has to do his dirt so you can see it but somehow, the referees often miss it. He has to be animated as he pleads his case that he did nothing wrong even when he is caught red-handed. Dramon Green has marvelously filled this role in this NBA Finals. Latrell Spreewell, Dennis Rodman and Meta World Peace have to be saying a collective “Damn” in admiration of this young man. Network executives must be smiling behind their hands. Terrell Owens and Alex Rodriguez have to be experiencing Déjà vu. Love him or hate him, thousands will be tuning in to witness his antics and he has already been accepted into the league of villains. Dramon, don’t be surprised if Marvel comes calling.

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