When I’m on the golf course with my friends, the brand of golf we play is entertaining in a way that the PGA could never be. We have a trash-talking, risk-taking, street-gambling, profanity-laced good time. Our best shots are catalogued to be exaggerated and recounted, our clothes, hats and golf accoutrement are lovingly cared for and on display every chance we get.

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Written By: J. Rice

During May in San Antonio, the weather  is anybody’s guess. Some years it’s in the mid 80’s and some years like last year, on the cool side, just 64 degrees. But after game two of the Western Conference Semifinals pitting the Spurs against the Thunder, the Thunder were a lot warmer than 64 degrees, particularly under the collar.

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By: Staff Writer

Here is where you can participate. Really, we’d like to know what you think. What NBA franchise is currently the most dysfunctional? No matter what you answer, those of us who live in New York surely have two out of three.

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